10 Things You Don’t Already Know About Actor, Eso Okolocha

Posted on July 22 2019 , at 05:46 pm
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Eso Okolocha is a lawyer, rapper, On-Air Personality and an actor on Jenifa’s Diaries, Forbidden Fruit and Man of her Dreams. He makes going up in the world seem so easy and seamless but he is clearly a hardworking man.

For fans who may have been wondering or wanting to know more about this talented young man, we have come up with a list of 10 things about Eso Okolocha you may not already know. They are:

  1. Eso-OkolochaHis name Eso means ‘You cannot compete with God’ and is only a shorter version of the full name that he doesn’t usually like to share.
  2. Despite having teachers as parents, he grew up in a cool environment. His parents despite teaching them great values also let them have their freedom while growing up.
  3. He wrote his first full rap song at ten years old and while he is a lawyer he has not practised for a while, even though he knows that it is a profession he can fall back on. He is an OAP with Spice TV and somehow juggles being 3 different characters on 3 different TV shows at the same time without mixing them up because of practice and the help of his acting coach.
  4. He would love to work with Ramsey Nouah, Toni Tones and Donald Glover.
  5. As a musician, he would really love to work with Odunsi the Engine, Cobhams, Rema, Rick Ross, J-Cole, Capaldi, James Arthur and Jay-Z because he wants some sort of diversity in his music.
  6. He would be severely heartbroken if he had to pick between music and acting because music is his life but acting has helped him get his start in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
  7. At 6 feet 4 inches, he is super athletic and keeps fit by playing mostly football, along with some basketball and tennis.
  8. Eso Okolocha is very adventurous with food so he does not have any best food but he absolutely loves coffee, especially early in the morning.
  9. He is in charge of his own styling, so not only is he an actor, rapper, OAP and Lawyer, he can also add being a stylist to the growing list of careers only he can do.
  10. He looks like a mix of Mawuli Gavor and Tobi Bakre but he makes it work and he looks absolutely stunning doing it. Sadly, his relationship status is one thing the internet will not be privy to anytime soon as that is a very private aspect of life for the actor, although we can confirm that he is unmarried.

The Benin boy is about to take over the world one industry at a time. He is about to change the world too one movie at a time. Don’t say you didn’t read it here first.

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