10 years ago, Kim Kardashian’s sextape leaked and her life was never the same

Posted on March 30 2017 , at 08:49 am
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  • She is often said to be 'famous for nothing'. True as that might be, but there must be an science to achieving that goal.

Kim Kardashian seen with former bestie, Paris Hilton in 2006.

Before the year 2007, Kim Kardashian was best known as a stylist and BFF to then IT girl, Paris Hilton.

Less known was the fact that four years earlier she had dated Ray J, who was and is still best known as singer Brandy‘s little brother.

Like any other 22-year-old might have been tempted to do, she and her boyfriend had sex and recorded it. They later broke up and moved on.

But mysteriously, around February of 2007, a 40-minute long video of Kim and Ray J surfaced online. It was not for the bashful; it contained steamy scenes of virgorous ‘knacking’ (as Naija people will call it).

The hitherto private session of lovemaking was made public by an unknown individual.

Although Kim first denied it, it became a useless endeavour – it was as clear as Ray J’s penis that she was the one in the video.

A screenshot of the Vivid promotion for Kim and Ray J’s sextape.

The rumour mill had it that Ray J had sold it to porn company, Vivid Entertainment for about $1m.

After weeks of denial and futile attempts to stop the circulation of the clip, Kim Kardashian owned up to it and sued Vivid for illegal distribution.

Guess what? The company settled with her for $5m – literally five times what Ray J allegedly got for leaking the sextape.

The video’s gone on to be the most successful in the company’s history and has been viewed more than 150 million times.

And thus, the Kardashian empire (some might say monster) was born. The fascination which the global audience had for Kim’s luscious body has not been satiated since then.

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The same year that the sextape was leaked, she got a reality show on E!.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which stars she and her family, has generated close to $300m and has spun off several other shows.

Not only has she made fame and fortune for herself, she has practically carried her whole family along with her.

Her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, who was only nine years old when the family was thrust into the limelight, is now worth $18m courtesy of the Kardashian name and scandals of her own.

Producer Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashian family at the screening of KUWTK in 2007.

The Kardashians, particularly Kim, have been criticised for being overtly sexual and overexposed; and it’s true. Never has a group of people so shamelessly courted fame like they have. But it’s not illegal, is it?

Besides, it smacks of brilliance for someone who, by no fault of hers, was exposed the way she was through the sextape with Ray J to rise above all of that and become a cultural icon and quite frankly, one of the most influential women of the 21st century.

She is often said to be ‘famous for nothing’. True as that might be, but there must be an science to achieving that goal.

The world is obsessed with her body and she has never shied away for profiting off the image the world has about her.

Kim, her husband, Kanye and their two children, North and Saint.


In the last 10 years, she has gone through two publicised marriages and divorces, then got married to one of the most influential entertainment figures in Kanye West, lost her stepfather when Bruce Jenner decided to become Caitlyn, made a $53m fortune by being ‘talentless’, and indeed she has transcended the ‘girl sucking Ray J’s dick’ label which for so long was the only metric by which she was measured.

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Ray J on the other hand, has had several starts-and-stops in his musical career.

He has mocked Kim in several songs and dismissed her whole family as being successful because he had sex with her.

Still he has never escaped from his mega-successful sister’s shadow. As seen in this tweet of hers, at 37 years old, he’s still ‘building his brand’.

Of course, she’ll never completely escape the notoriety of the 2007 sextape, but Kim Kardashian can look at all she has achieved by her own hard work and ingenuity and say to herself, ‘Not bad Kimberly; not bad at all.’


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