‘Your dad’ – Filmmaker attacks Yul Edochie over his domestic violence video

Posted on June 05 2017 , at 09:36 am
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  • 'Tinsel' head writer and filmmaker, Nk’iru Njoku has added her voice to the reactions that have trailed Edochie’s video.

Several reactions have followed last week’s video by Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie about his take on domestic violence.


In the video, the actor seemed to, while condemning domestic violence, ask that women respect the men in their lives and not provoke them.


Tinsel head writer and filmmaker, Nk’iru Njoku has added her voice to the reactions that have trailed Edochie’s video.

Nkiru Njoku
Nk’iru Njoku

Read her Facebook post below:


Thanks to Zikoko, I finally got round to watching Yul Edochie’s stupid little speech on domestic violence.


It is common sense that two people need not have raised voices as the same time though, and I wish this were Yul’s lilt. But nah. This is simply about who he believes has more value in the scheme of things.


So that a woman needs his permission in order to be expressive. A woman should shrink when she’s around him.

This is also about who Yul believes should bear the responsibility of keeping the peace. Not because he thinks she’s ‘wiser’ or ‘smarter’, but because she’s the second class species and therefore if she doesn’t want to be treated like trash then she must just do the ‘right’ thing and respect her idiot.

Oh dear.

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Apart from it being a total waste of his baritone voice, the content of this video was really nothing shocking.

Many young and supposedly progressive men actually do believe that their word should be law and that their wives or girlfriends should not raise their voices when they are raising theirs.

Many young and supposedly progressive men also believe that this rule extends to other women to whom they are neither joined by marriage nor casual sex. Not even siblingship.

As far as they’re concerned, as long as you’re a woman, you should not talk back, you should respect them even when they are stupid.

It is men who fall under the latter group that give me the most cause for concern. They exist in large numbers. Legion, these ones.

You will just be on your own and one random man will be thinking you will reduce yourself in order that he might look smart. Or you should cower when he talks because…? Hahaha.

Me I no like bodily harm. So I watch for the violent ones and make sure I only emasculate them where they cannot overpower me. The other ones wey be say if me and them gidi, e go be draw-draw, or the ones wey clearly no like gidi at all…those ones na on the spot we dey use mouth take destroy their lives.


When I finish with you, you and your baritone will go and look for where to buy respect with money. And then hopefully when you go back home your woman will find you a well-tamed idiot.

What a mess.

‘Respect him, even if he doesn’t know what he is doing’?

Your dad!

I’m just sad that it’s Pete.


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