What Vic O and Speed Darlington’s fame says about Nigerian millennials

Posted on August 31 2017 , at 05:35 pm
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  • Gone are the days when 'celebrities' like Vic O and Speedy wouldn't even have 10 followers.

Speed Darlington and Vic O

Every country has them.

Those celebrities who are not supposed to be comedians but end up making us laugh whenever we think about them. America had Rebecca Black and Kingsley, Nigeria has Vic O and Speed Darlington.

Like them or not, they are celebrities and when they speak, Nigerians listen. In an age where people fade in and out of relevance, how have these guys been able to retain your spot on our timelines.

Why is that even though we make fun of them and profess how ‘they are trash’ and why ‘we don’t understand how they became famous’. We get to watch their videos, use their catchphrases and guess what? We also get to judge them.

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This ‘We love to mock you’ syndrome has become typical of new age Nigerians. Why? Pointing fingers and laughing has seemingly become a part of the culture of the green white green people.

Gone are the days when ‘celebrities’ like Vic O and Speedy wouldn’t have 10 followers, but guess what? They probably have more followers than you.

What does this say about Nigerians?

That we have lesser standards? That we no longer have a taste for quality? Well, yes but so does the rest of the world. As Nigerians, our love for these Internet personalities simply means that we are now more accepting of the ‘village clown’ than we’ve ever been.

The internet, technology and Western culture mixed together have made us more accepting than we realize. This explains the rise and rise of personalities like Denrele Edun and Bobrisky. Without a doubt, these are names that would not have been celebrated in the days of our parents.

Is this new, warm culture switch a blessing or a curse? Only time will tell.

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