59th Independence Celebration: 5 Things That Are Quintessentially Nigerian

Posted on October 01 2019 , at 10:08 am
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In celebration of our 59th Independence Day, we have come up with 5 things that are particular to every Nigerian.

1. Up NEPA: This is one of the first phrases every Nigerian child learns. Although the name of the company in charge of electricity in the country has been changed twice, this phrase has stuck like gum to a shoe.The funniest part is how it has become a part of most Nigerians and they shout it even when they don’t intend to.

2. Defending The Nation: Nigerians can insult Nigeria and all that it stands for but we will collectively come for any foreigner who tries the same thing. This doesn’t just end with defending our country, it extends to defending each other, especially out of the country.

3. Laughter In The Midst Of Sadness: Nigerians will find something hilarious out of any situation, no matter how sad or serious it is. We like to believe this particular trait is part of what makes us so resilient.

4. Freebies: Nigerians like free stuff! Even though most Nigerians know that free things often come with strings attached or terms and conditions, they would still want to get it. The most hilarious freebies situations happen in parties where there are souvenirs to be shared and you can see people fighting to get their own share.

5. Traditional Parties: The parties are usually set on the weekends. There is barely any Nigerian who will claim to not like Owambes. We love that we get to dress up, show off our new dance steps, and eat some party Jollof rice. It’s also a large part of our culture since we love to celebrate major milestones like weddings, naming ceremonies, and even burials.

These are just some of the things that make us undeniably Nigerian, tell us other things you think are special to Nigerians in the comment section below.

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