6 Highly Useful But Overlooked University Degrees In Nigeria

Posted on July 19 2019 , at 02:43 pm
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  • These are university degrees you shouldn't feel bad about when you have the opportunity to introduce yourself in a social or formal gathering.

Nigerian students shy away from studying for many useful university degrees.

When we were kids, as Nigerians, there was no limit to the enthusiasm with which we answered questions on what we intended to become in our professional careers through obtainable university degrees. Everyone of us had lofty dreams about becoming a pilot, engineer, lawyer, doctor, architect e.tc.

While these attractive career paths are still relevant and attract good pay, there are still several effective degrees that are useful for self development and respectable careers, particularly in today’s Nigeria where diversity is an important factor for survival.

These are six useful university degrees you should really consider:

1. Fishery

Many undergraduates beat themselves for studying Fishery in the university, while millions of admission seekers shy away from selecting the course when filling their admission forms. Fishery, however, offers various business opportunities. The fish rearing business in Nigeria is currently one of the most profitable business ventures and a degree holder in Fishery can position himself as a leader of the pack with more informed knowledge than an average fish farmer.

2. Horticulture

A number of Nigerian universities offer Horticulture but only few students would be proud to associate with the course. As a horticulture graduate, you can work closely with architects when designing structure for prospective house owners by creating lush gardens and scenery. You can also help manage gardens and parks for the government with a convincing proposal.

3. Linguistics

This is one of the most overlooked but very technical and highly marketable university degrees in Nigeria. As a linguist, you can secure lucrative jobs in the international relations industry, as well as offer training on social platforms by helping to analyse language form, language meaning, and language in context. This works well as Nigeria is a multilingual country with over 250 languages.

4. Agriculture

Agriculture is very lucrative in Nigeria.

This has got to be one of the most criminally overlooked university degrees in the country. Agriculture is one of the most profitable business ventures in Nigeria today, only behind oil business. There are varieties of approach to the agriculture business, and being a degree holder broadens your knowledge and gives you an advantage over local farmers.

5. Visual Arts

Another underrated course of study. Studying visual arts in the university helps in positioning you as a professional who can do business with customers within and outside the country. A well done piece of commissioned art work can attract humongous fee, as well as create exposure to work with international organisations on various projects.

6. Yoruba

You probably will chuckle at this, but it is undoubtedly one of the most relevant university degrees you can obtain in Nigeria. As a language specialist, you can work at international organisations as well as teach foreigners one of the most widely spoken language in the most populous African country. You can work as an interpreter on books and in media as a Yoruba degree holder.

So,┬áthese are university degrees you shouldn’t feel bad about when you have the opportunity to introduce yourself in a social or formal gathering.

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