7 Major High-Points From The Alleged Rape Case Against Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted on October 02 2018 , at 03:52 pm
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Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently facing a huge scandal after he was accused of rape by an American woman, Kathryn Mayorga, who was a budding model in 2009 when the alleged incident happened.

Now 34, Mayorga claims the action happened on June 12, 2009, in Las Vegas, for which he paid $375,000 in a settlement deal to keep her from talking.

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While Ronaldo’s lawyers have since threatened to press charges against Mayorga, here’s a summary of key parts of her accusations.

  • Ronaldo allegedly appeared from nowhere while Mayorga was in the bathroom with his penis hanging over his trousers, begging her for a kiss and blowjob.
  • The player did not give up even after she said ‘NO’. He proceeded to rape her anally without lubricant and without a condom.
  • After the assault, Ronaldo didn’t allow her to leave. Instead, he insisted she says ‘he was a good guy’ and asked that no one should know about what happened.
  • Mayorga’s friend who was also at the party, noticed she stepped out looking messy with her hair scattered and her make-up smeared. She later opened up to her friend after they had left Ronaldo’s penthouse suite.
  • During the arbitration, Ronaldo was represented by his lawyers and Mayorga requested to write him a letter as part of the deal. The letter was six pages long. In the letter, she referred to him with the alias’Topha’.
  •   Both parties reached an agreement which included paying her $375,000.
  • She also signed a non-disclosure agreement which is being argued to be voidable by her legal representatives, claiming she was incompetent and not in the right frame of mind due to the trauma of the assault when she signed it. The agreement also forbade her from mentioning his name during therapy and also how much she is allowed to say about the incident.
  • In 2017, an article about the incident was published and Ronaldo was given the opportunity to respond in an email interview. His lawyer however rejected the accusations, adding that his client would take action against any untrue claim.

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