7 Signs That You Need To Get A New Job

Posted on January 23 2018 , at 07:06 pm
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So another year is here and you are evaluating your life. You want to make better life decisions this year, especially in regards to your career. The question has been on your mind but the answer continues to be unclear. ‘Should I quit my job or should I stay?’. One minute, you are sure you are going to send that resignation e-mail while other days you think you could rough it out for a couple more months. You need clarity yeah? We got you covered. Here are seven signs that are signals for you to quit your job.

7. You Are Always On Social Media During Work Hours

Unless your office job requires that you regularly check your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, then you probably shouldn’t always find yourself refreshing your feed. If this is you, this means one of two things: your office work is not challenging and you definitely need to leave it behind. It could also mean that you are not interested in your job and would rather check comments on Lola’s latest selfie than write that proposal. Either way, you need to find a job that is more fulfilling.

6. No One Ever Listens To Me!

But then, he wants dad to listen to something

This can be such a frustrating category to be in. It’s one thing to not have ideas for your office work because you are not interested or you don’t find it fulfilling but when you actually have these ideas and they are being ignored time and time again, you may want to pull out all your hair. Don’t! Get up and leave. Take the bold and scary step of stepping out and finding a company where your input will be appreciated or better yet, step out on your own and turn your ideas a reality.

5. I’m Surrounded By Intellectual Thieves …

Jude Idada had accused Omoni Oboli of stealing his work to make ‘Okafor’s Law’

Here’s a category that many of you may find yourselves. You love your job, you have great ideas and you see them come to life but there’s just one problem. You never ever get credit. Your idea is always given to someone else to carry out and in the end, you are forgotten and feel used. There’s only one solution to your problem and that’s leaving. Find a company where hard work is rewarded and due credit is accorded.

4. These People Ain’t Paying


You’ve been working at this company for a minute and you feel that you’ve proved your worth. Your workload has increased and you are stressed out more but the bank alert at the end of the month is still the same. You’ve applied for a raise time and time again but they keep giving you the runaround. Unless you want to keep running around until you retire, leave with your skills and flip your weave on their faces.

3. You’re Depressed

When you realise how much money you’re about to spend on fuel

Its a struggle to get out of bed every morning. You can feel the life being drained out of you every day. You don’t like your co-workers and you don’t have any friends to hang out with as a result of your job. You are never really present, your mind is always lost in thought. If this is you, you need to flee from your office and run as far away as possible.

2. You’re Always Angry

Absolutely everything pisses you off! When you’re at home, you are angry and when you’re in the office, you’re mad. You just generally feel unhappy and if you’re honest with yourself, you know the source of all this predicament. That damn job! Leave that job and let the light come back into your life.

1. You Don’t Want To Do Again

Tiwa crying during the interview.

It’s not by force. If you don’t want to do again, leave.


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