Be not deceived: The video of Yung6ix giving a friend $10,000 looks scripted. Here’s why

Posted on March 20 2017 , at 11:20 am
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  • First off, did he really need to post it on social media?

So over the weekend, Nigerian rapper Yung6ix posted a video where he was showing appreciation to a friend seen giving a friend $10,000.

According to him, the said guy gave him (Yung6ix) N10,000 eight years ago to relocate to Lagos.

Yung6ix counted the money, handed it over and thanked his friend for his assistance.

Now, I’m not saying I have issues with a friend showing appreciation to his benefactor, but if you take a good look at the video you can tell the whole thing was scripted.

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First off, why show us you gave a friend $10,000, like even the foreign rappers you’re trying to emulate don’t put up videos of them giving out money to a friend who is or was in need – they’ll rather rap about it.

Secondly, the whole thing looked scripted, like they were told to re-act the scene that the first one wasn’t as good. And this friend of his isn’t much of a good actor.

Anything to make the news isn’t it?

While the rapper must have gotten a lot of positive comments, there are also people who disagree with the unnecessary show-off.


Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know Yung6ix headlines events


Anything to make the news remember?




Guess there was no social media 8 years ago. Oh, wait


This was just the height… too #Savage


But in the end, let’s believe he indeed helped a friend instead of popping bottles at the club

PS: We’re tired of Yung6ix and his social media escapades.

First, it was his gold piece stolen at a show and offering to pay the person with it the sum of N500,000.

Then there was him losing a bulk of his liquid asset to his house boy while taking to Instagram to lament his ordeal with the culprit.

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Just make the music bro and stay away from all these cheap curated controversies.


Ken TheBrand.

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