Check Out Samuel Ajibola’s New Episode Of “Dele Issues”

Posted on October 15 2018 , at 10:44 am
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This past week, AMVCA winner Samuel Ajibola released another hilarious episode of his web series Dele Issues.
“The Ritualist” centres on Dele who went to his friend’s house to watch a football match with him. While watching, Dele and his friend engage in an argument on whether Messi deserves to be called the best footballer, and this sparked a rancour between them.
While this friend went to get water to sooth Dele’s thirst as well as “reset his brain”, Dele thought of scaring his friend. According to him, he said, “make I put fear for him body small.” Shortly after having a glass of the water, Dele began to act as though he had been poisoned, ultimately leading him to fake his death.
Rather than panicking for too long, his friend picks up his phone and puts a call across to an unknown person for a  business deal, which is selling Dele’s body. Dele jumps up and begins chasing his friend round the house.
This episode exposes the fact that people need to be careful when choosing friends, as society is unpredictable with desperate people in it.
Dele Issues (Daily Issues) follows the life of “Dele” who always takes on different roles in different episodes of the comedy series. The way he handles difficult situations in every episode keeps the audience glued to their seats in laughter.
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