Deets on the App that Doubles as your Self-Care Kit

Posted on February 15 2020 , at 01:39 pm
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 When we say self-care, what comes to mind?

While you are veering way down into the abyss of vanity- which is not wrong by the way- we are referring to the little things we tend to brush aside easily. When we say self-care, we mean a box of things or activities that make you feel good, those things that make life easier, help you unwind and brings you a relaxing smile. 

Practising self-care doesn’t always mean your usual skin-care routine or taking a leave of absence from work. It could be something as simple as enjoying the view of nature, getting lost on the pages of your favourite book or exploring that app you never knew could save you a lot of stress.

We think a little self-care kit is something everybody should have since it makes life more fun. This is where the My MTNApp comes in, when you have a really tight schedule in your daily routine. My MTNApp has gone the extra mile to keep all these activities in one place, while keeping the experience simple. For Valentine, people even got to gift their loved ones in a show of love from myMTNApp. Amazing!! 

It is not only make-up, fashion and skincare that make up a self-care kit, but a communications app is also essential too. I mean, we all communicate for the most parts of our lives through our devices. Catch this, you even get exclusive data deals and spontaneous gifts too. Amazingly, an off-the-record conversation revealed that the App will unveil something for Valentine. 

What is a self-care kit without a little reward? 

You know what you need to do. Upgrade that kit of yours by downloading the MyMTNApp and turn things up for yourself. 



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