How To Get Your Annoying Boss Fired

Posted on September 29 2017 , at 07:45 am
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Today is Friday and if like me, you’ve had a hectic week; dealing with annoying boss could be stressful. Monday and the reality of that fact can be even more daunting if you have an annoying boss. Yes, we all have, had or will have them. They make long days even longer and frustrate you to no end. But what can you do? After all, your boss is your boss.


Here a five ways you can get rid of your boss and have a more enjoyable working experience.


You Gotta Relax

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Before you go on plotting how to put your poor boss out of work, firstly make sure that he or she deserves such fate. Believe it or not, having a bad personality or merely being annoying is not enough reason to fire anyone. So if you’re boss is not committing any fraudulent acts or assaulting you or a co-worker, you should probably update your CV on LinkedIn because its time for you to leave wherever it is.

2.  Document Everything!

If your Oga is actually doing something wrong, then you need to be recording all of it. Screenshots, e-mails, voice notes, calls, pictures and even videos if possible. No piece of evidence is too small or irrelevant when you are plotting the end of a tyrant.

3. Stay Away From Gossip

If you’re plotting the boss’ last day then you should be doing it alone. If you are not doing it alone, then you should be doing with people you trust. Office gossip is what you should stay away because anything you say will be used against you the way you’re planning to use what your boss is saying against him. Don’t play yourself.

4. Secure Your Job

Speaking of not playing yourself, make sure that you have a back up plan and your back up plan has a back up plan and that plan has a plan B. Anything can go wrong, Your boss will definitely have more connections than you and don’t be surprised if someone you trusted bails on you last minute. You have to make sure that your job is secured or that you have a better offer waiting for you.

5. The Devil You Know…

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Make sure that whoever is set to replace your boss is not worse than your boss. If you are not next in line, then make sure that whoever is, is not an ashuara . 

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