“He Proposed After Only Three Months!” Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Wife, Maureen Shares Their Love Story

Posted on October 04 2018 , at 12:41 pm
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It is a popular belief that couples have to date for a very long time before they get married but the reverse is the case for  Blossom Chukwujeku a popular Nigerian actor and his wife Maureen Esisi as she reveals she only dated her boo for just three months before he proposed.

She also goes on to reveal that this was a relationship she did not plan for, instead, it happened as she was already tired of daydreaming about her wedding plans in her head especially as past her past relationships never worked out.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote that the Nollywood actor was not a fan of social media and insisted on not posting their engagement online.

Here’s what she wrote:


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Let me tell y’all about the day he put a ring on it.. It was my birthday, Sep 11th.. We were just 3mths and a couple of days old dating and Quite frankly, this was one relationship I didn’t plan my future with not cos I didn’t love him Enuf, I personally was just tired of day dreaming mentally planning my wedding, kids, home in my head with relationships That never worked… I was just having the time of my life With my best friend and taking it a day at a time.. So September 11 came and I was planing for my birthday party.. if y’all know my Hubby, you will know how nonchalant he can be with social media and all but what I didn’t understand that day was how he couldn’t understand that he had to post my picture to wish me a happy birthday (I don’t bother anymore😂).. well he made it clear he wasn’t going to post it.. and of cos I made it clear(in my head) that we weren’t dating… I was so mad at him that I acted as a single girl all thru my party.. But instead of being upset with me, He just stood at a corner making sure I was ok half the time🙈.. Party finished and he drove me back to my hotel, I had this attitude ehn.. in my head, sha drop me and come and be going.. He sha dropped me and I went upstairs to my room to gan change n sleep while he sed he was going to d bar cos some of his friends were coming to see him.. I sha did not care.. a friend was with me. As I got to my room, and was about to change, d friend insisted I don’t jor, that we shud gan hang with the guys at the bar, me I was tired and wasn’t having it.. she sha Wasn’t listening.. that it’s still my birthday dat how wud I want to sleep.. ok am like, let me change into my jalabia cos my dress was killing me I wanted to be free, she sed No.. so we sha sha sha went to d bar, and as I opened the door I see Hubby down on one knee, flash lights all on me and in shock I ran Out.. like WHAT THA…. ARE U KIDDING ME?????

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The duo, however, got married officially one month after his proposal.

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