Linda Ikeji Presents Sholaye Jeremi As Her Son’s Father; Says Both Are Now “A Completely Closed Chapter”

Posted on December 14 2018 , at 09:13 am
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Nigerian Celebrity Blogger, Linda Ikeji, early this morning shared the identity of her son, Jayce, whom she bore four months ago in the United States.

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Since the birth of the child, there have been rumours about who the father was. Now the media entrepreneur has officially revealed as speculated that the man is the Delta State born – Sholaye Jeremi.

In a long detailed post, Linda told the story of how she met her baby daddy in 2015 and how their off and on relationship lasted before she got pregnant for with their child. She debunked the rumour that she got pregnant for a married man, saying at the time they met and started dating, both were single.

She wrote:

“The father of my child is a single man and his name is Sholaye Jeremi.

One of the things many people have asked me is how I met this man because we don’t run in the same circle. Well, I met him 3 years ago at Wheatbaker Restaurant in Ikoyi in December 2015 shortly after I moved to my home in Banana Island, Ikoyi. It was a day after Christmas and I was having dinner with friends when he walked in. He saw me and the rest is history. He claimed at the time that he had never heard of me which was seriously a turn-on for me because up until then I’d only been meeting men who behaved like fans. At the time we met, I was 35 and he was 37 and I’d been single for nearly 4 years. I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item.”

Linda also used the opportunity to apologize to anyone she had let down by having a baby out of wedlock. she especially asked the forgiveness of the girls she mentors, saying that the pressure of having a child in old age contributed to her blindly becoming pregnant for a man who turned on her after she thought they were going to end up together as a couple.

She wrote:

I’d also like to address a few other issues. Number one is this celibacy issue. So many people have trolled me over it and I’d like to correct the misunderstanding. I have never ever in my life said people shouldn’t have sex before marriage. NEVER EVER have I said that. I have even argued with quite a few people that it is not feasible in this day and age.What I have always said and I maintain till today is; Do not ever sleep with men for money because any woman with a brain and determination can get her own money herself. And there’s nothing sweeter than your own money.

The other thing I’ve always said is; do not sleep around with multiple men who just use your body for their pleasure; that is; too many one night stands, casual sex, many sex partners in a short period of time all in the name of relationships. Your body deserves better. I feel sex should only happen when you’re in a loving, committed relationship with someone you love. I was celibate for many years until I met my son’s father and fell in love. And instead of increasing my body count, I just went back to the same eggplant…lol.

The 38-year old further revealed that she and her baby daddy Jerimi were over and done but she was grateful for the gift of her son, Jayce, who though was the product of a failed relationship had become the most important person in her life.  ‘Look at him and I wonder why I waited so long to have a child’, the new mom said as she introduced the boy’s face to the world for the first time.



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