Why It’s Never Bad Timing For Busola Dakolo To Speak Out Against Biodun Fatoyinbo

Posted on June 28 2019 , at 04:58 pm
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  • Hopefully, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo will take responsibility and come public with his position.

Busola Dakolo has been hailed as courageous after coming out to share her rape experience at the hand of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Singer Timi Dakolo‘s wife, Busola Dakolo had a tell all interview with Chude Jideonwo on how she was raped twice by flamboyant COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at age 16 and some have queried her decision to speak out nearly two decades after.

Busola’s allegation isn’t the first time the ‘man of God’ would be fingered in rape cases as he had also been previously accused of committing same crime by Ese Walter. Quite worryingly, since the women went public with their claims, neither Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo nor the church where he mounts the podium every Sunday in Abuja has publicly addressed the allegations.

Busola, since her interview hit public space, has received tremendous support from the public, most of whom are demanding that the pastor speaks out to admit or deny the allegations against him. There are, however, those who are of the opinion that Busola’s expose was badly timed while also questioning her motive.

Rape victims, however, have a myriad of reasons they could decide to go public with their experiences, even after many years. Here are some of the reasons Busola may have decided to speak out:

1. She is ready to face her fears now

Rape victims are mostly known to withdraw in their shell after their emotionally wrecking experience at the hands of their abusers. While some may take few years to properly heal and bold enough to face their fears (or their abusers), some never really do.

2. She wants to have some closure

For many rape victims, the flashbacks of the experience haunt them their entire lives. Many of those who have found the courage to move on from the incident(s) eventually decide to speak out as a form of closure.

3. To deter the abuser from continuing with his evil act

Some victims of rape still, unfortunately, come in contact with their abusers. In some cases, the perpetrators rise to powerful positions and the thought of them causing more pain to other victims is one of many reasons a victim would decide to speak out against them.

4. To save/ protect some other targets from becoming victims

Speaking out against the abuser, in many cases, would alert other potential victims to the danger of being around him; Hence the reason victims would speak out against such person.

5. To ensure that the abuser gets to pay for the crime he has committed

Rape is a criminal act and in a country where there is effective law and justice, perpetrators may be handed as many as fourteen years in jail. Sadly, the Nigerian legal system has been faulted for not ensuring that rape victims get proper justice.

Hopefully, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo will take responsibility and come public with his position on the allegations. And, hopefully, the law would be allowed to take its course if he’s found guilty of the crime(s).

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