Popular OAP, Do2dtun Shares How He Was Sexually Abused By Their Maid At 11

Posted on July 01 2019 , at 06:31 pm
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Nigerian On-Air-Personality and video jockey, Oladotun Kayode, popularly known as Do2dtun has taken to Instagram to share how he was sexually abused by their housemaid, Folake when he was 11 years old.

The OAP made the revelation following the high profile rape allegations made against Biodun Fatoyinbo, the senior Pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, by Busola Dakolo.

“I come from a very religious background where I attend church, Monday bible study, Thursday miracle revival, Sunday worship service, go to Ayobo for retreats on Easter, days before Christmas, Gbagada for combined services as a routine for a better part of my life, 20 years of my life. I was a Deeper life member and so if you want to speak to me about religion, think again cos I have seen it all,” he recounted.

“I got all the spiritual training, physical upbringing but one question is what happens when daddy and mummy decides to go to work? or hustle? drops you off at school or in church or the mosque.. who is in charge? The maid, the gateman, your uncle, your aunty, your brother, siblings, your pastor, your imam, your teacher etc .. who is in charge when they are not there?

“Folake was our maid for over two years who completely adored me way more than my siblings, serves my meals specially, never beats me when I do wrong, never reports me and sometimes makes my mum wonder as much say things like ‘sho fe like omo mi ju mi lo ni’ meaning (do you want to like my child more than me) .. it was a fun gesture and we all would laugh it off but the price and adverse effect of whatever those advances were had a cost that would linger for a long time.

“Folake would want me to bath with her all the time, in the process asked me to fondle her breast, stick my fingers in her vagina, sometimes when she isn’t satisfied, she gives me things to stick in countless times, pulls my peepee, she will masturbate and make me watch and after the whole process, she will threaten [me] never to tell anyone or else she will kill me. I started to get fond of it so much that I’ll refuse to take a bath with my siblings, refuse to eat any food except she serves it.”

“I didn’t know what it all meant to me but I started to get fond of going through that process. She eventually left, I became very withdrawn from other kids in school, I was very angry, I started to struggle with getting along. In my JSS especially, I developed a defensive mechanism of lashing out almost before anything was altered cos I felt in my head I was bigger than anyone,” he wrote.

Do2dtun went on to recount how rape and molestation can affect the victim’s sense of reasoning, increases the level of paranoia, anger issues, mood swings, disregard for their body, withdrawal tendencies, and affects their self esteem.

“You might think these things go away, it doesn’t except you speak up and fight it. I fight now for every Tom dick and Mariah. “THIS IS A FACT” all my colleagues and friends and the true fans know that “OLADOTUN OJUOLAPE KAYODE” WOULD FIGHT TILL HE GETS BURNT FOR ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYBODY and lose his earnings as long as that person gets justice or stays happy. This is who I am. I got sacked twice from work only coz I spoke up and fought for people.

“You all think Busola is crazy or stupid? The system have grown so many myopic men and women who ask questions “why now” “why did she take this long” “touch not my anointed” bla! bla!!… listen women are wired to take their secrets to the grave and for her to come out, she did what most of you can’t.”

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