Princess Mercy Johnson Goes Ahead With Traditional Wedding

Posted on August 26 2011 , at 09:24 pm
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By Osagie Alonge

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson and fiance Prince Odianosen Okojie have finally tied the knot as they exchanged vows at the traditional wedding ceremony held today Friday, August 26, 2011 at the Nollywood actress’ family home in Oke Odan, Gospel Village, Iyano Isashi, Okoko, Lagos State.

Mercy who hails from Kogi State was dressed in traditional beads and george wrappers which is symbolic of the Edo traditional attire for a woman getting married to an Edo Prince. Mercy will now adopt the title ‘Princess’ to her name having completed the traditional wedding to an Edo Prince.

A Christian solemnization is expected to take place tomorrow morning at 11am before a wedding reception follows at 10 Degrees Event Centre, Billingsway, Oregun, Ikeja.

Mr and Mrs Odianosen Okojie


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  • left 4 me alone dear i wil say dt wot u re abt doing or wot u ve done already is so disastrous which kuld bckfire any tym my dear mercy tnk abt it very wel cuz if u re in d lady’s shoe u wil feel same.neva put assunder on wot God has already joind 2geda.b warnd incase f 2mor i luv ur actn but it com b lyk say u don de fuck up nw.

  • wow, Wonder shall never end, but does this man truely love this woman or is it because of money? Haha, i dont even blame patience uzokwo calling her ashawo because she deserves such name by his actions. She is NO:1 prostitute i reconfirmed.

  • Mercy’s act towards becoming a second wife is nothing but a bunch of gibberish and I scorn her for that. Let her just know that it won’t last.

  • i m short of words really.Let see wat comes out of dis oh.But really u disappointed mi so much not having gotten 2 d root of the accusation b4 doing dis its really a big shame.mercy u kud have waited but all d same good radiant 2 bad rubbish ewwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee

  • but mercy with all ur standard u should’t have gone into this marriage but wait 4 ur own husband

  • Mrs.M. OKOJIE, if i’m to dedicate a song to u, i will choose R. Kelly song 4 u. tittle, STOM IS OVER. U are a woman of substance i admired u courage. But take this advice from me. Don,t let there b any 3rd parties in ur home, b/cose all eyes ar on u now. Some ar just waiting to laught at u, and to post nonsence things about u. I’ m most grateful 4 u and to God. Don,t ever stay far frm God now. HAPPY MARRIGE LIFE.

  • U make me proud Mercy Johnson. May God grant u favour, children, long life & prosperity and all dat u could ever tink of. Happy marriad life my Beloved in Christ

  • hw cn u do dis 2ursef bcos of moni n dat title “princess”? u both shud b ashamed! Wats maks u tink ur case wl b difirent? Wen he hs d hrt 2liv his legally wif n kids.. U’r evn cheaper dan i tot!

  • mercy, i love u very much nd i wish u happy married life. I just wish am ur sister, am so proud of u. Gud luck.

  • God knows the genesis also the revelation thereaftes. The wound can heal but the mark wil stil be there.

  • Wel u if u knw abt his wife n stil maried him den u hav ur reasons al d way hapy marriage life bc evrybody is responsible 4 his/ha actions.

  • Princess MJ Okojie,i am happy for you and i wish you the very best in ur marriage also stay connected to our God.

  • Quite a pity dat our xtianity of 2day have deviated 4rm wat its meant 2 b, no thanks to all these pentecostal churches. I knw pretty wel dat Catholic or Anglican church cannot approve or partake in such a controversial marriage. Our pastors should learn hw 2 look byond wat we gain 2day.

  • i’m jst short of words. Though d truth has nt yt bin ascertaind bt there is always an atom of truth in each rumour. If it is difficult 2 gt a husbnd it shdnt b 4 naija’s sexiest actress. Why she finaly decided to let dwn ha fans by stoopin dwn so low is still a suprise 2 me.

  • its a good thing to see ma favourite actress get wedded.may the good LORD continue to see you through in ur marriage..amen and for the gossips,its not a bad thing for one to be gifted and talented in acting so pray for them for the strong bond in marriage or if u will not,just keep shut

  • I can’t judge u cos dats Gods word,all i have 2 say is congrats,dnt allow ur marriage b lik othrs make a change by holding on 2 God

  • My dear princess mercy okojie, dont mind all those stupid people. Where God has placed u no one can bring u down. Am happy 4 u. U are my number one. Just be prayerful, because all those stupid people wishing u ill luck are waiting their fall not u. Dont allow any third party into ur marriage. Even ur carrier. I wish all the best. Congratulation.

  • Hi, angel. i wish u best of luck. forget about those shoddies, dey are damn jealouse of u. u’re d best.

  • Princess mercy am so so hapi 4 u dnt mind wt dey ar sayin jst be strong & pls dnt 4get 2 be readin ur bibles k conglat.

    • Is that what the bible is teaching us to snatch other people’s husband or to be a Discord in other people peace ? remember what goes around comes around girl and for you all praise seekers such occurrence will happen to you and your family members

  • I Pray God to grant you unlimited joy, favour, breakthrough, happiness and tolerance in your new found home. amen. congrat girl!

  • Na wa 4 mercy o… All things na wonder, her acting, behavior, and even luv lyf, bt dis na luv abi na lust, or na wealth she dy follow. Ah… Na wa o….

  • Wht GOD has join together let no man put assurnder, u pple ar jealous abt her progress in life is on fair i wish u al d best in ur marriage

  • If God does not av a hand in it, it wouldnt av cum 2 pass, MJ, be prayerful, i wish u al da bst, Happy married lyf. Tonia sunday.

  • I wish u all d best in ur marriage try and make a change in ur marriage bcos people re waiting to laugh at you

  • mercy d girl, if it is God’s wish may it go well with u and ur prince. Happy married life. D beauty of home is peace. Goodluck

  • Mercy u shldnt ve done dat..its a sin in d sight of God.knw u dat if u put assunder btw 2 couple someone will surly put assunder btw u guys…bside u guyz re dark ”black vs black” na darkness una go born oooo

  • mercy i love ur gut.u are my role model i wish all the best in ur marriage.pls always pray for lord support cos u alone cant do it ok.

  • I luv ur courage princess nothing gud comz easy it well with ur soul, gossips re jealous dnt mind dem u ve just takng a bond step i admirw u so much one luv sister mi,but hold GOD firm dnt allow him go he wud see u try ameen with luv………

  • whao!!!,am so happy for my role model wedded,dnt let pple fall ur down with their trash gozzip.jst kip praying to God

  • U’re my no 1. Don’t mind anything ppl are saying about u because d say girls will go for 6th wife if they see d way. Focus on God and take care of ur husband and family be d good lady u have always be. Best of luck.

  • Wel don mercy 4 what u ve done n welcome 2 my state Edo n 4 sharin ur wedin day 27 august wit my birthday.

  • i’m not GOD so i’m not trying to judge, but express my feelings i must. MERCY JOHNSON, i’m kinda disappointed in you cos i used to think u r humble and down to earth, i never imagined that u would end up marrying someone’s husband,yes cos he is not yours. r u marrying for his money? u’VE got that,FAME? IS YOURS NOT ENOUGH?, POWER? CAN’T U WORK FOR YOURS?. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BEING INDEPENDENT AND HAVING THE FEAR OF GOD? ANYWAY,mercy, i wish you the very best!!!!!

  • Mercy my love, i love u no mata wot pple wil say, becos in life pple wil always tok. Congrats n i pray d Lord grant u a blissful n a wonderful marriage.

  • I’m so happy 4 u, mercy ur such a pretty nice actress, ur nt lik our actress. Lov u baby. Princess.

  • Mj,wish u a happy married lyf if u feel dat wat u did was right nd wil make u happy just b careful nd pray 2 God cuz u may think u knw him bt maib u dunt,jus try nd wk smthing out k,knw him wel,if his 4 luv or money.

  • This life is all about making choices. Mj has made hers and i pray it works for her. that’s all dat matters. Who are we to judge her? I wish her the very best in this union. Enjoy

  • I wonder how a man who has the mind to abandon his first love and kids will finally fall in love with a wild woman like Mercy.Let us all be alive to watch and see.I know he will still run back to his first’s just a matter of time.mercy knows dat.she just want have a ‘Mrs’ title.bcos her type don’t need to stay under a man

  • These 2 people shud stop deceiving themselves.mercy ur name is sorry.prince odi or wotever.I know u will stil marry the third,fourth,fifth,sixth wife .doom is waiting for u.d God of ur wife and kids will disgrace u.blak he goat.who knows how charkolic ur kids wit mercy will look bcos ur also dark like devils

  • Mercy never care of what ppl says about u,care of what u do.have reason for ur action.rumours are carried by enemies spread by ignorant and above all, accepted by fools without my dear pls b urself and dont look up 2 any 1 bcos u dont knw who hate u.

  • Congratulation my friend and my sister.happy married life but dont 4get ur God u need it now more than ever.

  • una no no se 2 get hubsnd nw adays e no easy? Mercy don dey pass omoge age nah, ha ikebe dey shoot groundnut but very soon, e no go dey shoot anytin again, instead e go flat. naim mek she talk se mek she marry b4 ha tym go pass. Mercy abeg no mynd dem jo, dem no no se ur tym don dey pass. n e no gud mek u stil wait bcos e fit reach d stage wen u go dey beg 4 husband, n i no go lyk am as 1 of ur fans mek u dey beg 4 husband. Carry go second wyf of pusher.

  • Mrs Mercy u see, life is nt al abt rushing,bt patience is wat life require’s.Am not judging u,bt let God b d judge.u see even wen dis prince u ar married to say’s he divorce his wife,it is a sin 4 a divorce man 2 get married again wen his wife is stil alive and wel,it wuld av been rit if u would av told him 2 go and settle any problem dat he had wit d wif than stil going ahead wit d marriage wen d wif was begging 4 d husband 2 come back.If u had prayed 4 God’s Grace and favour ur own husband would have come.marrying a divorce husband dat stil luv’s his family was nt any ways am wishing u gudluck,happines,fruitfulnez n sucez jst pray 4 God’s protection.

  • Ha… I admire you as an actress but do not admire your act by marryin someone‘s husband and father, u re meant to be an ambasador of good act cos pple luk up to you as a role model…am very sure you wont advice a younger one to do such sinful tin.

  • Since dt is where she found her happiest, what did u expect? Life is all abt happiest and choice, not people’s choice…anyway, am hapi 4 her…wish her d best in marriage life…

  • Mj don’t mind those gossipers, they want u to say no so dat they can run straight to the man and say yes. I knw nigerian they were good at dat……. Pay deaf ears to their rubish talk cos the sky is ur limit and i wish u a happy married life. Divorce won’t be ur portion in the mighty name of Allah (amen).

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