Covid-19: The World May Be Running Out Of Condoms 

Posted on March 31 2020 , at 10:35 am
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People being stuck at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown has led to an increase in condom use. More time cooped up at home, more sex, how else will they fill their time?

Factories are making fewer condoms because of social distancing restrictions. According to Karex, the world’s biggest producer of condoms, there might be a global shortage of condoms if the Coronavirus persists. Karex, makes one in every five condoms, churns out more than 5 billion condoms a year and exports them to more than 140 countries. The company just recently reopened its factories after a one-week lockdown necessitated by the spread of the virus and is still only running at half speed due to social distancing constraints. 

Bloomberg reports that the company’s supply has fallen by almost 50% while its stockpile is set to last for another two months.

Due to the uncertainty of the times, people are being careful not to get pregnant. And rightly so, until things return to normal, or a semblance of what is normal, people don’t want to bring a child into this chaos. 

Countries have shut down their borders, this has made exporting these condoms impossible, supply has fallen and condoms stockpile has reduced. What happens when we run out of condoms? 

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