The Things We Absolutely Hate About This Rainy Season

Posted on June 26 2019 , at 03:30 pm
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  • We're tired plis!

The things we absolutely hate about this rainy season

So, the 2019 rainy season is fully upon us. And for those of you lucky creatures who have found your missing ribs or you have seen someone’s child to share body warmth with, that should sound as good news. But, life, as the cliché saying goes, is not a bed of roses… innit?

Sadly, for every warmth you share with that special person in this extremely wet, cold weather, there are probably a million things that piss you off about this incessant rainfall.

Let’s run you through a couple of things that are extremely annoying about this rainy season and why we would want it to go away already!

More Terrible Traffic

The rain adds to the severity of the traffic

We already know Lagos and traffic as shameless bloodsucking brothers, but add an undesirable road construct and the rain to the mix and you have a potential World War 3.

Unstable Electricity

Sebi if there was constant electricity, we’d know to stay in our houses and let Lagos and its traffic continue to shamelessly romance themselves. But with the rain, we’re even more at a disadvantage with the power distribution companies. As if they needed any more incentives to take the light. We know they’ll be needing days to dry the wire…

No Food

Can’t even get food in this rainy season…

Okay, this is one really vexes us. You can’t even decide to casually stroll to your favourite buka to fill your belly when the hunger pangs hit because you’re already thinking of how the rain would mess up your entire outfit – hair, make-up, cloth, shoe. Then, when you say f*ck it and place an order, it takes the food delivery guy forever to arrive because… rain!

Muddy And Messy Outfit

This is how the muddy roads will be making us look

Courtesy of the fact that most of our roads are not tarred like it is in the abroad, the flooded roads will ensure that you look like you just came out of a freshly dug well. Your hair, cloth and shoes are bound to be a sorry sight this rainy season.


The water will be taking over our road

Yeah… bad road network and terrible drainage system; A major reason Lagos has become a hub of insane traffic in the first place. The rain will cause massive flood, which will in turn want to make you curse the day you were born.

Wet Clothes

This period is when you so hate to do your laundry… Because your clothes will never get dry. And the more you postpone doing your laundry, the more the clothes pile up. And the more you risk not having anything to wear to work.

We’re tired plis.

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