Tips And Hacks To Ace ‘Access The Stars’ Auditions Like A Boss

Posted on November 19 2019 , at 02:42 pm
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  • What are you waiting for? Head over to to register for the auditions. You’re just a click away from accessing the stars! 

Access the Stars judges.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen hundreds of music talent hunt auditions and have learnt a couple of do’s and don’ts, over the years. 

The much-awaited music talent hunt, ‘Access the Stars’ is about to kick off with its first audition in Abeokuta on November 19th, 20th and 21st, 2019. 

Because we’re kind and we want you to wow the judges at the auditions, here are five things you can do to impress the judges and get a go-ahead to the next stage of the talent hunt: 

Choose a song that suits your voice: If you have a classical singing voice, please don’t sing pop. You’d probably feel like a fish out of water at the auditions and the judges might not see how much of a great singer you are. There are so many genres of music, know your sound and stick to it!

Dress appropriately: It’s not a runway show so you don’t need to dress to kill. We’d advise that you wear something that you’re comfortable in and will also speak to the song you’ve chosen. Speaking about songs, take note of our next hack!

Keep it short and simple!: Yes please, let’s just keep it short and simple. We know you’ve learnt all the lines and you’d like to make some mad ad-libs but trust us, it’s better to give the judges a snippet of what you’re made of so you can leave them wanting more!

Make proper use of the stage: This is an important hack to note. A good music performance isn’t just about the singing. Your mannerism and how you use the stage really matters so while you practice those lines, work on this as well.  

Just Have Fun!:  If you’re partaking in this music talent show, it must be because you enjoy singing. While you audition, relax, get into your element and just have fun! 

There you have it! Five solid hacks that would go a long way in helping you wow the judges at the ‘Access The Stars’ Roadshow in Lagos. 

‘Access The Stars’ is a new platform created for exceptional and aspirational Nigerians in the music industry to be discovered, and empowered to reach higher heights by accessing their star potential. The show will air on television on Sound City, Hip TV and Africa Magic and it promises to be transformational, exhilarating and all-round entertaining. 

Successful artists will get to tour with the best of Nigerian artists on ‘The Trek’ across the country, giving the grassroots access to the stars to learn one-on-one and a chance to shine more.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to to register for the auditions. You’re just a click away from accessing the stars! 

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  • I really want to partake in this audition, but which way to register? have gone to the bank, follow the IG page, but still didn’t get the hint to register for it, and am worried, I really don’t want to lose the opportunity of singing at the access the star audition, how do I go about it?

  • how can someone participate in the access the star have gone to the bank and done all the needful but still didn’t get a place to register please don’t really want to miss this opportunity have been waiting for this for so long please and please will like an update

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