Tonto Dikeh Reveals Secret Behind The Fake Lives Of Some Nigerian Celebrities

Posted on January 31 2019 , at 11:12 am
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Tonto Dikeh has picked today to snitch on her fellow celebrities who live fake lives just to show off for the ‘gram.

While advising her followers not to dwell on the luxurious lifestyles and various vacations which some of her colleagues take outside the country, she says that many people have been subjected to so much pressure because of the flamboyant lifestyles of these celebrities.

Tonto then went on to expose how some social media celebrities take various photos from a single trip and slowly upload it all year round.


In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote:

“Don’t be fooled nor be pressured to live on the fast lane. I know people(male and female) who travel abroad once a year and take pics to last the gram for a year(Slowly releasing them to make us feel they travel every day.
I know people who change four times on a one time trip on a PJ for pictures and post them periodically and we feel they travel every second in style.

She continued: No pun intended but this is to say never want anyone’s life. Work your life at your pace. Don’t get intimidated by any ones success. For all you know you could be worth more that the life you envy or wish!”

Read her full message below:

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