Why Nigerians Are Falling In Love With Eugenia Abu’s Twin Daughters, Oiza And Meyi

Posted on February 26 2020 , at 01:28 am
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Eugenia Abu is a veteran broadcaster. She used to be one of the biggest faces on National Television Authority (NTA) in the 80s and 90s along with Cyril Stober, Efun Merriman-Johnson and Abike Dabiri.

Oiza and Meyi
Oiza and Meyi

She went on to have one of the most prolific broadcast careers in Nigeria, only retiring after 35 years of service at NTA. She got married to her husband, Thomas Abu in 1983 and their marriage is blessed with six children.

Two out of those six children are twins, both of whom are incredibly talented. Over the past few months, the twins, Oiza and Meyi have become insta-famous with videos of bathroom singing. The twins who just turned 21 on December 17, 2019, usually post videos online of themselves singing in the bathroom. One of the videos went viral and their unique style of music left followers wanting more.

Celebrating this milestone in her daughters’ career, Eugenia wrote an open letter to the girls about how proud she was of them. In her letter, she talked about their talent, wit, humour and time they put into their music and also shared some personal details about the girls.

She wrote that they were deeply rooted in the arts and they do more than just music. For instance, Meyi taught herself how to play the guitar but she also draws and is a textile artist. Oiza, on the other hand, writes most of their songs and is a thespian and a stage director.

She also talked about how they got their talent, stating that they are not the only talented singers in their family. The sisters share their gift with their dad and oldest sister, Sophia Abu.

She concluded her letter by talking about their other special skill, cooking and how proud they make her feel. She wrote on Business Day about the girls, “I wish I could sing like you and be funny and be pretty like you guys and still cook a mean Egusi soup and gourmet spaghetti.” She adds, “We parents may be a little less forthcoming about how proud we are of our children, it’s an African thing so it does not go to your head. But it’s official now. I am mighty proud of you.”

Eugenia Abu, who is currently running her own consulting firm – The Eugenia Abu Media – and a training centre is determined to support and help Oiza and Meyi make the most of their music career. This hopefully means that they would soon be able to add their voices to the Nigerian music industry professionally. We look forward to seeing that happen!

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