Five Lessons You Can Only Learn After Your First Kiss

Posted on January 21 2020 , at 05:17 pm
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Rema announced yesterday on his Twitter page that he just had his first kiss and we were thrown down memory lane on a path filled with nostalgia. His announcement tweet simply stated, “Just had my first kiss”.

It raised a few thoughts but the major one was – if this is truly Rema’s first kiss, he is about to learn a few things about it. So we asked a few people what they learned after their first kisses.

  1.  Kissing is overrated: Before you actually experience your first kiss, you will probably have built up scenarios in your head. After you make it through your first kiss, the first thing you will realise is: you were building castles in the sky. It’s really not that serious, it’s a big step but it’s not so important that it would change the course of your life.

  2. Kissing can be messy: You will probably also think that it was messy. Especially if you shared your first kiss with someone just as inexperienced. There may have been the exchange of way too much saliva, so nobody will judge you if you thought it was too messy.

  3. Kissing is only fun if you really like the other person: There is an excitement that comes with kissing someone you really like. All the anticipation and excitement you’ve built up in your head comes to play at that moment and makes it all the more fun. However, you may miss out on all of those emotions if you tried with someone you weren’t really into and the experience may not have been as dope as you would have liked it to be.

  4. Kissing only leads you to newer sexual experiences: a kiss is usually the first sexual experience that most people have and it’s the gateway to deeper experiences. After your first kiss, you get more adventurous and try to explore your body in more intimate ways than only your face and lips will allow.

  5. Kissing can be more intimate than sex: After you’ve had several kissing experiences and gotten over the initial glow of that first kiss, you are likely to have newer revelations about the act. One of such revelations is that kissing with the right person, at the right time, under the right circumstances can feel more intimate than actual sex.

First kisses are often very memorable. Most people will remember their first kisses for many years to come and will share fun stories with anyone who cares to hear. That is why we are so curious to hear your first kiss stories. Tell us about your first kisses or lessons you learned after you had your first kiss in the comment section below.

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